Tricia Lindsey


A Stereoscope is a device that is used to view a pair of photographs into a 3-dimensional image. Two identical images are photographed with an offset of 7 cm from each other, our eyes naturally combine the separate images into one and our brain processes that image in a 3-dimensional image. Stereoscopic photography was considered […]

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Stewart-Warner Ahooga Horn

The Klaxon horn was invented by Miller Reese Hutchinson in 1908. However it become more commonly known as the ‘Ahooga’ horn from the sound it generates. Inside the cylinder housing is spring steel diaphragm, when the top is pressed down, engaging the teeth that are engraved in the metal they rotate through a cog wheel

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Ahrens-Fox Engine

In 1971 the City of Sachse, along with a loan from Volunteer Fire Chief Joe Stone purchased this 1948 Ahrens-Fox  fire engine. This engine served the growing city of Sachse until about 1987 before it was retired and placed behind the public works complex.  After many years of collecting water, rust and plants, the fire

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Charcoal Iron

This charcoal Iron belonged to William Sachse, perhaps more correctly his wife Martha Frost Sachse.  Air is controlled through a trap door in the back, and the top hinges to allow for coals to be placed inside. The curved piece is a hand guard to help protect from burns. The spout part is actually a

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