William Sachse 1820-1899
“A Texan Under Three Flags”

William Sachse was born in Herford, Prussia on December 16, 1820.  At the age of 20 he boarded a ship bound for America. He arrived in New York in August 1840 eventually making his way to and settling in Missouri. In 1844 he traveled by wagon train and arrived in Lamar county on January 15, 1845.  He married Elizabeth McCullough Straly on May 23 1845. With their land grants from the Peter’s Colony they settled on the Collin County side of their land holdings which extended into Dallas county in a dug out home.  William and Elizabeth had 4 children together, however only one, James Alfred Sachse, lived to adulthood.  Elizabeth died in 1853 shortly after the death of  their very young daughter Susan Adaline.  Susan’s sister Ellen died in 1854 and the oldest son Thomas died at age 10 in 1856. 

On March 23, 1854 William Sachse married Martha Frost. Martha was born on September 14, 1833 and passed away on June 9, 1916.  William and Martha had 10 children together raising them in a rock house known as “The Lone Elm”. The house was built in a “L” shape with a wrap around porch, a kitchen with a large fireplace, bedrooms and a large wide hallway with steps down to the cellar room. The cellar was supported by large logs and 15 inch windows to let in light. Each window in the house also had a window seat because the walls were 18 inches thick.  

This page is a work in progress.  Sources for content come from Sachse Remembered 1840-1940 by Mary Allene Jones; Benjamin Frost  A Texan from Tennessee by Ruth Hollar Rickaway; Elizabeth McCullough The Forgotten First Wife of William Sachse by Glenda Czerwinski Kent.