Ryan Botteron

Larkin Company Chest of Drawers

Chiffonier Chest of Drawers made by the Larkin Company

Many are familiar with the widespread success of the Sears catalogue in the early 20th century. Perhaps less well known, but still dramatically successful, was the second most profitable catalogue: the Larkin Soap Company. Larkin began in 1875 in Buffalo, New York, manufacturing soaps in a small two story factory with a total 3,000 square […]

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Sandwich Griller

These sandwich grillers, also called pie irons, were a convenient way to make toasted foods. Although they aren’t widely used today, they can still be seen around camping sights thanks to their simplicity and portability. The design allows one to cook and seal a pie or sandwich over any open flame. Fruits, meats, and cheeses

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Ice Tongs

These ice tongs were often used in conjunction with ice shavers to make shaved ice desserts. The tongs enable one to move blocks of ice around without touching them, and can help hold an ice block in place while shaving it.

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Ice Shaver

The North Bros Mfg. Co was founded in 1878 by Selden North as a foundry. By 1887 two other brothers joined the company and incorporated as the North Bros Mfg company. By 1900 the company was a major manufacture and employer in the city of Philadelphia producing ice cream freezers, ice shavers, kitchen tools and

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Cross Slat Trunk

This cross slat trunk was likely manufactured in 1898. It was originally purchased by Albert Roscoe Brand from the Henry Pollack Trunk Company which formerly resided on 722 Elm Street in Dallas, Texas. The company was established just one year prior on March 31st, 1897. The cross slat design, sometimes referred to as the “new

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