Sachse Families

Meet the families that have built Sachse

Early Years

Early Sachse Family names include Sachse, Herring, Bailey, Brand, Yarbrough, and Ingram. 

Soleda Herring Yarbourgh Carr pictured with Husband William Carr and Bailey family.
1926 Bailey Yarbourgh Family

Elise Herring Bachman,  hold son Vesper, Elizabeth McDaneil Kirby (seated) "Grandma Coulson"  and Kibbie Ann Kirby Herring
4 Generations Herrings

Photo is from  Ruth Robertson Bailey, her hand is on her hip.  Hazel is the squinting girl, Nedria and Linda Bailey Spragdley are also pictured, not sure which ones they are..
Bailey Girls


Jake Sachse was the son of William Sachse and Mollie was the granddaughter of Daniel Herring
Jake and Mollie Sachse

Dewitt Clinton Sachse  and wife Susie Herring with daughters Gertrude and Mary
Dewitt Clinton Sachse Family

Home from WWI
1919 Downtown Sachse


Volunteer Years

By the 1960’s Sachse had grown to 359 and by 1980 the population reached over 1000.  While many Sachse descendants still lived in the area and many families  could trace their genealogy back to William and Martha Sachse, many new family names began to lay the foundation for Sachse as it became an Incorporated City. Among these were Barger, Stone, Foster, Hutson, Rasure, Ben Davis, Pyles, Sandifer, Salmon, Kriby, Burden, Himel, Stracener,  Anderson and many more. 

Sachse Today

Today Sachse has a population of over 25,000.  Many things have changed from the days when William Sachse caught the train into Dallas from the depot just steps from his copper roofed home.  Subdivisions now cover the old cotton and onion fields.  Businesses line Highway 78, Sachse Road has not been the only way to get to Wylie for many decades now. Sachse is on the brink of a new business boom the city hasn’t seen since the first shopping strips were built in the late 1980’s.  Yet all the while there is still the foundation of volunteerism, neighbor helping neighbor and the spirit of William Sachse lives on in the stories of how the city got its start and how it has grown.

Der Gist Lebt Immer Weiter!
The Spirit Lives On!

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